Anaerobic Chamber / Glove Box

Structural Charachteristics

Incubation chamber, operating chamber sampling chamber, pneumatics systems bottle rack, melting wax sterilizer etc.
Intelligent temperature controller
UV disinfection to avoid contamination
Gas flow adjusted by pneumatics system
Stainless steel operation chamber, Thick & transparent shock proof glass window
BIG LCD screen control panel
Temperature range RT +30o C ~ 60o
Inbuilt Vacuum Pump
Time for creating anaerobic state in operation chamber less than hour
Dimension of operation chamber (W x H x D) cm : (80 x 65 x 66)
Over all Dimension of Chamber (W x H x D) cm : (126 x 138 x 93)

Package consists of Anaerobic incubator, Thermostat incubator fitting, latex Gloves fitting, Plastic Bags Fittings (one small & one big), anaerobic indication, -2, shelf-1, Gas tube-2, Gloves Fixed circle 2, Storage box-2, Vacuum pump.