Refrigerated Centrifuge LI-HRC-24K


LI-HRC-24K High Speed Refrigerated centrifuge


LI-HRC-24KHigh Speed Refrigerated centrifuge (This machine below is short for this centrifuge machine.),The series centrifuge is widely applied in biology, chemistry, medicine, agriculture and forest science, food safety, blood station and clinical test. This machine features good rigidity, high strength and corrosion proofing, owing to its high material of steel and its surface with spurt models processing. Meanwhile, this machine possesses the advantages of succinct structure, small volume, low noise, smooth temperature rise, high efficiency, safe and reliable, and it is fit for the experimental analysis with fewer samples and more separation steps.

This machine adopts the advanced technologies like microcomputer control, direct drive brushless DC motor, TFT touch panel,mute mechatronics electronic lock and so on.


The vibration-absorption effect of this machine works very well by the application of its special damper. This machine also has a self-balance function.

The special PWM-controlled speed control systemassures its high control accuracy and its fast acceleration and deceleration function, which provides different acceleration and deceleration time to be freely chosen. To meet the requirement of labs, the brushless DC motoralso assures the operation of the machine in a quiet working state. The carbon brush doesn’t need to be replaced, so there are no carbon pollutions.

This machine has a parameter-saving function, and it can calculate the RCF value automatically.

There are many rotors with different levels. The tube frame can be replaced, and there are many tubes, convenient to choose.

This machine has a protective function owing to its electronic lock. When its faceplate is uncovered, the centrifuge machine cannot be operated.

This machine can be safely operated in the environment with the temperature within 5 to 40 centigrade, under RH<80%, and without conducting dust, explosive gas and corrosive gas.


The centrifuge machine helps to separate, condense or purify the different density components (or particles) of the solutions by the usage of centrifugal sedimentation principal.

After placing the centrifuge tubes with equivalent test solutions in the test tubes around the rotors symmetrically and starting the machine, the RCF produced in the high-speed rotary of the rotors, which are driven by the motor, separates the different density components (or particles) in the test solutions. The value of RCF depends on the rotating radius “r” (the horizontal distance from the position of the test solutions to the axle center) and the rotating speed “n”, and here is the calculation formula.


n------------ The rotating speed (r/min)

r------------The rotating radius (mm)

The time (Ts) needed during the separation and deposition of the mixed solutions is calculated by this formula:



Type: Rmax------The rotating radius of the test solutions having the farthest distance with the axle center

Rmin------The rotating radius of the test solutions having the nearest distance with the axle center

ρ------The density of the mixed solutions (g/cm3)

μ------ The viscosity of the mixed solutions (p)

n ------ The rotating speed (r/min)

r------The particle’s radius (cm)

б------The particle’s density (g/cm3)


Maximum rotate speed:24000r/min
Maximum centrifugal force:39900×g
Equivalent Speed capacity :12×1.5/2.0ml
Time range:0~99h59min
Rotate speed precision : ±50r/ min
Temperature :-15deg C to 40deg C @ ambient 15deg C
Refrigeration system : Imported compressor CFC free
Noise : ≤ 65dB
Power : 220V 50HZ
Dimension(L×W×H) :710×630×350mm
Weight :85kg


Model Product name Maximum capacity Maximum rotate speed (r/min)  Maximum centrifugal force(×g)
LI-HRC-24K High Speed Refrigerated centrifuge - 24000 39900
No.1 Angle rotor 12×1.5/2.0ml 24000 39900
No.2 Angle rotor 4×100ml 11000 11720
No.3 Swing Rotor 4×100ml 4000 2140
No.4 Angle rotor 6×50ml Reducer for 15ml 12000 13800
No.5 Microplate Rotor 2*2*48 3000 1400
No.6 Angle rotor 24x1.5/2ml 16000 23800