Rotary Evaporator

Lab use upto 3000ml
Standard 1000ml eva /rec flask provided
Larger LCD screen displays temperature rotation speed and timing
Speed Range 20-280rpm
Brushless DC motor
5lit water/oil heating bath with heating temperature range of RT to 180°C
Heating bath with precise temperature and adjustable safety circuit
Patented condenser cooling surface 1500cm²
Time settings range 1-999min
Motorized lift with quick, automatic release evaporating flask to top position
Adjustable final position recognition to protect operator& sample against breakage
PE vaporating flask with an ejector convenient to remove
Adjustable timer function to precise control processing
Chemical resistance double PTFE system and patented pressure spring provide excellent sealing
Designed a detachable operating panel allows remote control operation
Protection Class accTo. DIN En60529
ISO certified &CE Marked

Chemical Resistance Vacuum Pump

Resist to corrosion
Easy for maintenance
Maximum vacuum 13mbar
Motor speed 1450rpm
Suction nozzle size 8mm