Frequency 20-25KHz
Variable power Output 150W
Capacty0.5ml to 200ml
Timer function 1-99minutes
Pulse mode (ON/OFF time)
Power & Time Display
Feather Touch Key Pad
Interchangeable probes 2mm, 6mm& 12mm
Beautiful Sound insulation Box with Height adjustable jack

Sonicator – Classic Model

Frequency: 20-25Khz
Variable power Output: 20-950W
Capacity : 0.5 to 600ml
Timer function 1-99minutes
Duty ration: 0.1 to 99.9%
ON time & OFF time delay
Larger LCD Display
Interchangeableprobes 2mm, 6mm, 12mm
Temperature Sensor & auto cut off
Fult Auto Alarm
Beautiful sound Insulation Box with Height Adjustable Stand


Bacteria & Spore Bacteria, Animal & plant Cell, Degassing, Emulsifying, Cleaning, Mixing etc