Ultrapure Water System

High Productive & Low Maintenance Cost

Incorporating Cutting Edge Technology

We use Pump, Terminal filtration, UV/UF catridges other components from leading manufacturers like K-flow, Pall Sortorius, Rohm & Hass, DOW.

Application: HPLC, GC, ICP-MS Molecular Biology, Cell Culture, Tissue Culture

Utilizing Global High Quality Parts

RO Series uses the reverse osmosis technology of NASA
Desalination rate < 99% eliminating virus rate < 99.5%
Special circle-inside function to guarantee water quality
Two mixed bed guarantees water quality and lengthen life-span of UP catridge
Double wave length UV lamp efficiently decreases virus and TOC
Ultra purification catridge efficiently eliminates endotoxin
High flux terminal filtration with pre-filtration function
Water Quality Monitor System: LCD with Resistivity & Double TDS
Water Quality: Resistivity - 18.2 m cm, TOC < 3ppb, Endotoxin<0.001 EU/ml