UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

Model: LI-UV-1500


Low Stray Light

It is made of high quality components with rigid structure which ensures low stray light.

Stability and durability

It uses a rigid die-cast aluminum base as itsoptical mount to ensure instrument stability and reliability.

Standard curve

It can set up various standard curves according to customer's solutions and find the concentration of unknown solutions.

Multiple results readout

It can display wavelength, absorption and transmittance with 5 results per screen. It also has a memory store of up to 200 results.

Auto setting wavelength

Users can set wavelength automatically through arrow keys to avoid operation errors.

Data output

It is equipped with USB port to connect with a PC to display spectrum scanning, kinetics and multi wavelength testing results on the screen.

Technical Specification

Model LI-UV-1500
Optical System Single beam, Grating 1200 lines/mm
Wavelength Range 190-1100nm
Bandwidth 4 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±1nm
Wavelength Repeatability 0.5nm
Wavelength Setting Auto
Photometric Accuracy ±0.5%T
Photometric Repeatability 0.3%T
Photometric Range -0.3-3A,0-200%T
Stray Light ≤0.03%T
Stability ± 0.002A/h @ 500nm
Display 128*64 Dots LCD
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Standard Cell Holder 4-position 100mm cell changer
Light Source Tungsten 7 Deuterium lamp
Output USB Port & Parallel Port (Printer)
Power Requirements AC 85~250V
Dimension 420*280*180mm
Weight 15kg

Standard Accessories



Quantity Unit
1 Spectrphotometer 1 set
2 1 cm glass cuvettes 4 pcs
3 Power cord 1 pcs
4 User's Manual 1 pc
5 1cm quartz cuvette 2 pc
6 Dust Cover 1 pc